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5 Most Amazing Facts About Kolkata’s Eden Gardens Stadium

Undoubtedly, Kolkata is one of the liveliest cities in India which is stuffed with innumerable happy-go-lucky people. Whether it is a sunny morning or a cloudy day, you’ll find the little cricketers in every narrow lane. Cricket, Football and Entertainment – are the three unchangeable features of the residents of Kolkata simply like that ‘Macher Jhol’ and ‘Rasgolla’. The latest ICC T20 World Cup fever is just over and if you have watched the final match at Eden Gardens, you’d get to know how much they do love cricket. Despite Indian team was out of the tournament, the Kolkatans filled up the gallery to cheer the two WC final teams. In fact, the cricket lovers’ eyes got moist, with the heart-melting speech of Darren Sammy, the WI captain.

Another sensation of IPL, Indian Premiere League, is coming up and before you step into the city to enjoy the matches at Eden Gardens, here are some of the iconic facts that you must know about the Largest Cricket Ground of Asia. If you have been here in this ground before for a match, you hardly had known about these amazing facts.

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Now, here the best 5 facts –

1. Oldest stadium in India

The stadium designed during 1841 and the name ‘Eden Gardens’ was chosen after the name of a very old park. From 1864, this stadium got consideration as the First Cricket Stadium of India, made up by the British. Lord Auckland was the ‘Governor General of India’, when this stadium was built.

2. Biggest stadium in the country

Till date, Eden Gardens is regarded to be the largest stadium of India. It has the capability to accommodate more than 80,000 people at a single time. Eden is the Second Biggest Cricket Stadium after the Melbourne Cricket Ground in Australia.

3. In Past – It was even larger than the Melbourne Cricket Ground

Yes, it is true indeed. Before 2011, when Eden Gardens was renovated and the entire stadium was resumed around half of its former size, it was larger than the Melbourne Cricket Ground in Australia.

4. Only one cricketer has achieved a hat-trick at Eden Gardens

The World-Cup Winning Captain, Indian all-rounder, Kapil Dev, created the history of hat-trick here in this ground by taking three wickets in three straight balls in an ODI.

5. South Africa had played their First Match Here after 20 years of suspension From World Cricket

Reportedly, ICC had suspended South Africa from International Cricket for about 20 years, reason being the idiotic apartheid policy. In 1991 and 1992 South African Team regained their test status and played their first match after suspension at Eden Gardens, Kolkata.

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