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One can associate Kolkata with rabindra sangeet, theatre, little magazine and film festival but very few people outside Kolkata know- that it has a thriving night life too. It may be not at par with Mumbai or Bangalore, but we can say that Kolkata nightlife is growing rapidly. Coupled with the rising buying power of young crowd here, Kolkata will surely enchant you with its rocking pubs, live music, exotic cocktails and unlimited fun.

The Basement at Samilton- best nightclub among Kolkata Cheap Hotels

Samilton Hotel, Kolkata has its own night club The Basement which undoubtedly considered the best among 3-star hotels in Kolkata. It offers exotic cocktail, live, thumping music, great ambience and many more. So if you want to enjoy yourself at the end of the day in a relaxed mood, you don’t need to head out to anywhere else.

Five famous night hotspots in Kolkata

1. Someplace Else-

Situated at the heart of Kolkata i.e. Park Street- Someplace Else is a heritage night spot of Kolkata and synonymous with music, youth and fun. It is located inside Park Hotel and hosted many international bands and music concerts over the years.

Someplace Else organizes live band performance everyday with various kinds of upcoming city-based bands and independent artists.

Someplace Else is also famous for its experimental food and drinks, among connoisseurs.

If you want to visit a British style night pub that is unlike any other pub in India with its music, ambience and overall quality, then look no further and soak yourself into the spirit, fun, and youth of Kolkata-nights.

2. Tantra

Another feather of Park Street’s cap and symbol of rocking Kolkata nightlife- Tantra is one of the most happening night clubs in the city.

Spread over a sprawling 5000 sq ft. floor space, Tantra reserved Saturday nights for parties and Wednesday nights for hip-hop parties.

Tantra also hosts many live music concerts by city’s talented bands and independent artists. It is also known for its rocking Christmas Eve and New Year parties. Tantra is also notable for its tight, high security level.

So next time do hop into Tantra,to taste a slice of Kolkata night.

3. Shisha

Counted as one of the top among city nightclubs, Shisha at Camac Street Kolkata- is also known for its finger-licking good food and vast range of drinks.

Shisha is located at one of the upmarket areas of Kolkata, and kept enchanting disco lovers, over the years. Though it’s a bit expensive compared to other nightspots in Kolkata- you will love the whole package of Shisha with its nice ambience, rocking music, spacious dance floor and excellent arrangement of food and beverage.

4. Nocturne

Located at Shakespeare Sarani, Nocturne is a haze lounge-café-discotheque-hookah bar-night club, all things rolled into one. You can visit the place to enjoy its nice décor, classy ambience, great stock of hookahs and beverages.


Roxy at The Park Hotel, Park Street- is quite accessible and draws a large number of crowds every day. Though a bit expensive, Roxy sets the mood perfect with great choice of music, finger food and beverage.

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