Kolkata- A City Of Star Hotels, Crazy Crowd And Delirious Shopping Destinations

Kolkata is a dream destination for shopaholics. From traditional flea market to dazzling shopping malls to posh boutiques inside 3-star hotels in Kolkata- ‘city of joy’ has everything to offer. From negotiating with the vendors at Gariahat market to heading off to Quest mall or South city to have your dose of retail therapy, shopping destinations here are quite a memorable experiences, much like the star hotels in Kolkata. Here I have listed three of the most important shopping destinations in Kolkata-


Gariahaat flea market in South Kolkata is a paradise for those who believe in ‘shop till you drop’ policy. It has got everything displayed around the footpath. From colorful saris, indo-western dresses for ladies to home-décor-items, books, cosmetics, junk jewellery, shoes, bags and many more. One should visit the area before Durga puja or during chaitra sale (the period of massive discount throughout Bengali New Year) – to know the madness and excitement among buyers in Garihat flea market.

And if anytime you feel hot, tired and hungry due to- carrying all those heavy shopping bags and bargains; then there are many yummy street food stalls, soda/fruit juice vendors or even posh cafes around the area to satisfy your taste buds.

New Market

New Market in Lindsay Street is popular for not only its heritage, but also many budget hotels in Kolkata are situated in New Market. In previous years, only the enclosed market was known to be New Market, but right now- even the footpaths of Lindsay Street are crowded by hawkers and the whole area is referred as New Market.

From exotic cooking ingredients that are rare to be found in other places to Nahoum’s mouth-wateringly good pastries and puffs; from Chambalamba’s antique jewellery to cheap clothes- New Market will spoil you for lot of choices. But beware of the slaughterhouse that is located inside New Market if you are not planning to buy meat. That sight is not for the weak-hearted!


Located at Dhakuria, South Kolkata- Dakshinapan is an enclosed market area that is next to Madhusudan Mancha- a famous cultural spot in South Kolkata. Mainly known for its saris, Dakshinapan has stalls from pretty much every state of India that display items of local handlooms. From Bengal’s very own tant to Assamese mekhla to Kashmir silk- Dakshinapan has pretty much everything under its roof.

And after shopping, if your throat goes dry, then there is a cute, little tea-boutique inside Dakshinapan called Dolly’s tea-shop. Apart from offering a whole range of exotic tea- both hot and cold, Dolly’s is also popular for its variation of sandwiches. But make sure that you visit Dolly’s in the early evening as after that- this tiny joint becomes pretty much crowded and it’s hard to find an empty table.

But don’t worry. Even if you fail to bag a seat at Dolly’s, Dakshinapan has a vast open area adjacent to it. You can sit there on the stairs, under the sky, look out to the hustle-bustle in front of you- under the Dhakuria Bridge and enjoy a nice, spicy cuppa from moving vendors.

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