How to Choose Best Hotel in Kolkata for Your Vacation

Kolkata is one of the most wonderful cities in India. Known worldwide for its museums, malls, bridges and historical monuments, the city witnesses huge arrival of travelers throughout the year. Tourists and Vacationers who want to have a cozy stay can choose from a variety of luxurious hotels that include Kolkata 3 star hotels.

If you are seeking to spend a comforting and enjoyable vacation in Kolkata city, then we have a choice for you. The Samilton Hotel is one of the best star hotels in Kolkata that provides you the amenities and facilities like car parking, Internet services, daily housekeeping, laundry etc. This hotel is near to the Metro station. The Samilton Hotel invites those people who would like to stay in the Kolkata cheap hotels for one night, only for business reasons. You would experience state of the art services and amenities at reasonable rates that suit your Budget.

Who is travelling with you?

This is the vital question and requires to be answered first. You might be travelling with your family reunion or it might be friends. You could be travelling with kids and spouse or just as a couple. Your frame of mind is different in each of these cases. While it is very romantic when you are travelling with your partner, it is most probable to be peace and calm you are seeking forward to when visiting with family.

The Samilton Hotel would be perfect for couples. This luxury hotel provides luxury rooms to stay, efficiency and efficiencies, suites — all with private balconies with peace and calm. And if your little ones come along, the Samilton provides special facilities and administered activities designed for kids.

Fix your budget

Knowing exactly how much you can easily spend on the trip, it will be easy to define the choices of location, layout, amenities and services. A vehicle, bathrooms with Jacuzzi, internet, WiFi, gym, satellite TV, home theatre, chef services, housekeeping, etc., Are the different kinds of amenities and services on provide based on the money you want to spend. Here, you need not to worry about the Budget hotels in Kolkata as The Samilton hotel offers you all amenities and services within your budget.


You can do a research about the hotels before making reservations. If it’s a private hotel, you can discuss with the manager to learn more about it. You can study the reviews published by vacationers in the past on the internet. Determine the local ‘on’ and ‘off’ season. Generally, you get the best deals in the off season. You can figure out that the amenities are actually in good condition. Make the choice. Talk to your broker for the bargains available. It is recommendable to book in advance to avoid rush.

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