5 Types Of People You Meet at Hotels In Kolkata

Among the all the popular hotels in Kolkata, Samilton is a 3 star boutique hotel with all the modern amenities. The hotel has 34 elegantly furnished air-conditioned rooms with all the comforts, which are generally expected by the customers. The hotel maintains a group of efficient and well-trained employees at different levels to serve customers at any time and cater to their needs. The hotel also maintains a furnished air-conditioned restaurant called Pepper Chino, it also has a tea bar called Camillia Tea Bar.

Why People Should Choice Samilton Hotel?

The Samilton has a rich legacy of delivering assistance and benefits to its guests with utmost precision, warmth and immaculate hospitality. Room Facilities like Internet Access, Moisturizer, Fax Machine Room, Hair Dryer, DVD Player, Massage-Available in Room, Television Room, Safe Deposit Locker Facility and Complimentary Toiletries are available here.    

ATM/Banking, Banquet Facilities, Breakfast Services, Business Facilities, Coffee Shop/Cafe, Conference Hall, Doctor on Call, Laundry Facilities, Restaurant, Room Service, Secretarial Services, Bar.

Here are most commonly found 5 types of people you’ll find in a hotel while traveling.

The Happy Couple:

Happy couple is not a myth at all and once you see them, you will get to know it. Once these couples get into the hotel, they will definitely be the part of common attraction. They share a beautiful bond with each other and often people grow jealous of them. Their private jokes are just too personal but what you can hear is only their giggles from outside. Whatever the situation may turn out to be, you can never be angry with them.

The Boozing Lovers:

A little holiday carousing is welcome in every shape and size. However, the alcohol lovers will definitely turn every minute of the vacation into a pub crawl and the night club of Samilton hotel is just so enticing for these boozers. If you get in touch with such a traveler, they will definitely hang you over for rest of the vacation. You may find yourself waking up in a different room after having spending some time in the pub.

The Solo Backpacker:

These people are the brave hearts who have a craze to win the world all by themselves. They love to travel alone and look for both comfort and affordability. They may fall asleep at random spots like the food court or the restaurant of the hotel. One thing is just assured i.e. when you are looking for a good traveling partner, a solo backpacker will be the best choice. Their packing tips are simply too valuable for any traveler.

The Buddy Groups:

When you have a strong group of friends, you don’t care for others or wait for others’ opinion about what to do. If you are traveling to spend some time in peace, then stay away from such group. These buddies are the loudest ones ever you will meet while living in a hotel during your trip. But when you’re feeling like having no plan, join them to enjoy the day to the fullest.

The Hardcore Professionals: 

Those people live for work and die for work. They have nothing to say except answering the phone calls. At times, you may find them yelling at strange numbers over the phone. They mostly present themselves as rude but what they look for is an amazing destination and had to work.

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